Unforceable. Oil and Acrylic and Enamel on Canvas.
GMVS Projection. Beauty and the Beast 2014




Collaborative Flower

Plexi glass, board and Oil and Enamel on board. 2015




Oil and Wax on Board.  2013



Residency Workshops and Classes with Jean Cherouny

Aurora Paintings
Graffiti Team
Jean talks to the students about stencil made by a student.
Creating Math Within the Collage
Stencils help the practice of facts within the collage.

Keith Haring action figure painting.

Effort and patience in painting a figure and ground Keith Haring.

Link to Keith Haring Class

Contemporary Painting Practices Residencies with Jean Cheoruny<< New text box >>

Jean Cherouny is a painter and an art educator. Jean has shown her paintings in galleries in Vermont and Connecticut, Texas and the Czech Republic most recently. Her paintings are in collections in the US and Europe. Jeanʼs abstract expressions in paint are powerful, dynamic gestures using line, shape and colors in a direct painting process on her canvas. Her love for the arts began with her art classes as a child amidst other fellow explorers. Her art and her teaching of abstract painting will bring children to understand and express themselves personally and poetically.


She teaches painting, drawing, roller printmaking to all ages and abilities in diverse populations. Jean works with interdisciplinary themes using the schoolsʼ curriculum to paint the folklore and inspired contemporary representations seen in cultures around the world such as: China, Africa, Argentina, Iraq, India, Alaska, Australia,France and Untited States. Each painting or series of abstract paintings will reference one theme studied in the classroom curriculum ie math, science and literary themes. 


Residencies with Jean have students discover rich textures and colors in paint using invented tools, integrate painting with natural and recycled material into a piece. Work will be discussed and documented for display with the piece or pieces. All participants will enjoy the personal and group explorations connecting them to the Contemporary Process that Jean has created using objects and paint.   All people improve their quality of living by participating in a powerful visual arts experience.  It is going to be a great honor working with your school community!


Murals made can be moveable displayed at a location in the schoolʼs town or district or painted on site.


“invent in your own language if you can or want to hear mine; invent if you can or want to give my language to be understood” Jacques Derrida (1930—2004)

At the Art House in Middlebury's Marble Works,Jean discusses her rollerblade painting process with Middlebury College Students. More

One way to paint is to loose yourself with the paint.  New tools like skates and her are the instuments to see the paint from a different perspective. It is just one way to think of applying paint to the canvas using the floor to push into the surface with your moving legs.  As she works Jean is reminded of her days ski racing and using her legs to take her where she wants to go.  Now her art provides her with a new journey into the contemporary art world.


Skated Textures

Her energy with paint creates subtle textures.  Each painting may bring for the viewer an invigorateing sensation to the soul. This is a result of her constant relation to nature around her in her Vermont Home. Moving paint directly under her feet is a process which is propelled by Jean's physicality and subconscious relationship to the colors used all over the surface resulting in textures of woven color and light.

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